Human Anatomy: Regional and Applied (Dissection and Clinical) (in 3 Vols.) Vol. 1: Upper Limb and Thorax with CD

Human Anatomy: Regional and Applied (Dissection and Clinical) (in 3 Vols.) Vol. 1: Upper Limb and Thorax with CD[Paperback]

Author: B.D. Chaurasia

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Publication Date: 2010-12-01 | ISBN-10: 8123918631 | ISBN-13: 9788123918631 | Edition: 5

Treated as a standard text in view of its comprehension and presentation in a very clear and simple language, BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy is the preferred and ideal textbook both in-India and abroad. The fifth edition- of the book has been thoroughly revised to make it still more student-friendly. It has the following additional features: Improved diagrams with better labelling and clarity Illustrated clinical anatomy given at the end of each chapter to increase the book's utility during clinical years Separate DVD given with each volume containing videos on osteology for better orientation of the bones and interactive section of questions?answers with diagrams for proper preparation for the examinations Section on "Brain" has been revised with a chapter exclusively on cranial nerves. Highlights of the three volumes A brief paragraph at the beginning of each chapter outlines the important features of the chapter The chapter on bones is profusely illustrated to enhance the clinical importance of osteology. The citations are given in sequence close to the related text. Figures are also given on ossification To make the volumes practical-oriented, steps of dissection are put in distinctive boxes, marked DISSECTION. The lines of skin incision are shown in figures. Figures have also been given for the dissection undertaken. The volumes impart both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students The attachments, nerve supply and actions of the muscles are shown in boxes. Testing of a group of muscles are shown with the help of diagrams The text is supplemented with a number of easily reproducible colour diagrams providing a photogenic memory to the reader To complete the various facets of anatomy, histology and development

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