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Accu-Chek Active

Features & Benefits
Testing in record time
With a testing time of about 5 seconds, your Accu-Chek Active is one of the fastest blood glucose monitors available.
Elegant design
Your new Accu-Chek Active is designed for ergonomic functionality with good looks.
Tiny blood sample
Your Accu-Chek Active requires only a tiny drop of blood, 1 to 2 µL (1 micro litre = 1 thousandth of a milli litre) if you apply the blood drop to the middle of the test pad. If at any time the drop you apply is too small, the monitor will detect this and issue a warning.


Easy to operate
No need to press buttons when you carry out the test.

Easy-to-use data analysis function
Accu-Chek Active has a 200-value memory for saving results (together with date and times) as well as an infrared interface for communicating with a PC running a suitable analysis program (e.g. Accu-Chek Compass or Camit software).



Detailed data to keep diabetes management on track
The Accu-Chek Active system now offers functions to mark and evaluate the pre- and post-meal blood glucose values; the latter have moved into the focus of attention as a major independent cardiovascular risk factor over the past years. The new Accu-Chek Active system provides the option to flag these values of particular importance and thus supports a precise evaluation of the metabolic situation. Furthermore, the averages of pre- and post-meal values for the last 7, 14 or 30 days can be retrieved from the meter's memory and displayed directly on its scree 

Integrated data evaluation 
From the results stored in memory your monitor can calculate the average of your blood glucose results over the last 7 or 14 days.
Out-of-monitor dosing
After activating the test cycle you may remove the test strip to apply blood (e.g. from an earlobe), and then insert it again in the monitor.
Accurate results
Application of blood to the test strip start a colour reaction. The final colour is accurately read (measured photo metrically) by the monitor’s optical system and the result is converted to a blood glucose value.


Dependable Auto CodingTM
Each pack of test strips contains a coding chip that holds all of the important information that is needed to evaluate the strips from that particular pack. Whenever you open a new pack of strips, simply insert the new coding chip in the coding chip slot.

Easy-to-read display
Numbers and messages are clearly presented on a spacious display screen. Easily understood symbols give you additional information and instructions.


Longest Strip Expiry
Accu-Chek Active strips have 18 months of strip expiration from the date of manufacture which is the longest expiry period compared to other strips.

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  • Companies that own platforms will own the market
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