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P - Contraindicated in pregnancy
L - Cautioned in lactation

Betaxolol is a selective beta1 receptor blocker used in the treatment of hypertension and glaucoma. Being selective for beta1 receptors, it typically has fewer systemic side effects than non-selective beta-blockers, for example, not causing bronchospasm (mediated by beta2 receptors) as timolol may. Betaxolol also shows greater affininty for beta1 receptors than metoprolol. In addition to its effect on the heart, betaxolol reduces the pressure within the eye (intraocular pressure). This effect is thought to be caused by reducing the production of the liquid (which is called the aqueous humor) within the eye. The precise mechanism of this effect is not known. The reduction in intraocular pressure reduces the risk of damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision in patients with elevated intraocular pressure due to glaucoma.




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Betaxolol Indications / Betaxolol Uses

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Betaxolol Adverse Reactions / Betaxolol Side Effects

Topical use in eye: Mild ocular stinging & discomfort, usually transient & well – tolerated. Rarely, decreased corneal sensitivity erthyema, itching, keratitia & photophobia reported; tiredness, fatigue, headache, impotance, sleep disturbances, cold hands & feet, GI upsets, Bradycardia esp in elderly.


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Special Precautions

Poor cardiac reserve, bronchospastic diseases, Dm, renal or hepatic impairment. May mask sings of hyperthyroidism. Gradual withdrawal is recommended.

Other Drug Interactions

May cause mydriasis when use concurrently wth epinephrine. Close observation needed when on β- blocker & catecholomine- depleting drugs such as resperpine, due to possible additive effects resulting in hypotension and or bradycardia. Caution when used concomitantly with adrenergic, psychotropic drugs. Enhances Cn channels blockers, anaesthetics & clonidine.

Other Interactions

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Open – angle glaucoma & ocular hypertension: Adult; instil one drop of 0.25% or 0.5% solution bid.
Angina Pectoris
Hypertension; Adult: Initially, 10-20 mg once daily. May increase dose to 40mg/ day if necessary after 7- 14 days depending on the patient's response.
Elderly: Initial Dose of 5-10mg/day.


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List of Contraindications

Betaxolol and Pregnancy

Contraindicated in pregnancy

Betaxolol and Lactation

Cautioned in lactation

Betaxolol and Children

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Betaxolol and Geriatic

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Betaxolol and Other Contraindications

Sinus bradycardia, cardiogenic shock, overt cardiac failure. Pregnancy.


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Lab interference

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