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Saxagliptin, an anti-diabetic drug, is indicated for the treatment and management of type-2 diabetes in adults. Saxagliptin can be prescribed either as a monotherapy or as a combined therapy with insulin or sulphonylurea. Saxagliptin should be prescribed as a comprehensive treatment with diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.


Saxagliptin inhibits enzymatic activity of DPP4 that leads to decreased levels of glucagon, glucagon-dependent insulin, GIP and GLP-1.


After oral administration, the drug achieves Cmax within 2 hours, and the absorption is influenced by high-fat meals. The drug is metabolized via the cytochrome P450 system. Saxagliptin is eliminated via the urine and hepatic pathways. The terminal half-life of Saxagliptin is 2.5-3.1 hours.

Saxagliptin Indications / Saxagliptin Uses

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Saxagliptin Adverse Reactions / Saxagliptin Side Effects

Some of the commonly reported adverse events of Saxagliptin are headache, UTI and URI, ITP, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, gastroenteritis and hypoglycemia.


Caution should be exercised while prescribing Saxagliptin to patients with pancreatitis, hypersensitivity to synthetic drugs, angioedema or exfoliative skin reactions. Monitor patients continuously while prescribing Saxagliptin with insulin or sulfonylurea.

Special Precautions

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Other Drug Interactions

Saxagliptin may interact with quinolone antibiotics, olanzapine, macrolide antibiotics, HIV protease inhibitors, nefazodone, azole anti-fungal drugs and beta-blockers.

Other Interactions

Do not consume alcohol while taking Saxagliptin. It can cause serious hypoglycemia.


The recommended adult dosage of Saxagliptin is 2.5-5 mg, once daily.


Saxagliptin can be taken before or after food intake

List of Contraindications

Saxagliptin and Pregnancy

USFDA pregnancy category B. Saxagliptin may not cause harm to an unborn foetus. Before Saxagliptin treatment, the patient should discuss with the physician, if they are planning for a pregnancy.

Saxagliptin and Lactation

Nursing mothers should consult a physician before taking Saxagliptin

Saxagliptin and Children

Saxagliptin is contraindicated in children.

Saxagliptin and Geriatic

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Saxagliptin and Other Contraindications

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Lab interference

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Saxagliptin brands in India:

Kombiglyze Onglyza

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