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Spironolactone + Torsemide, a combination of diuretics, is prescribed for the treatment of salt-retention induced edema and hypertension.



The drug is a potassium-sparing diuretic with direct antagonist activity against aldosterone (competitive antagonism) in the distal tubules of nephron. Spironolactone is a synthetic 17-lactone steroidal formulation that increases secretion of water and sodium without interfering with potassium metabolism.


Torsemide reduces edema and fluid retention by increasing the urinary output. These effects can reduce the risk of MI, stroke and renal disorders.


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Spironolactone + Torsemide Indications / Spironolactone + Torsemide Uses

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Spironolactone + Torsemide Adverse Reactions / Spironolactone + Torsemide Side Effects

Some of the commonly reported adverse events of Spironolactone + Torsemide are electrolyte imbalance with hypokalemia, dry mouth, metabolic alkalosis, hyperuricemia, abdominal cramps, anorexia, tinnitus and hearing loss.


Spironolactone + Torsemide are contraindicated in patients with hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias, renal failure with oliguria or anuria, hepatic coma and/or pre-coma states. Spironolactone + Torsemide should not be prescribed to individuals with an allergy to diuretics.

Caution should be exercised before prescribing Spironolactone + Torsemide to patients with hyperuricemia, electrolyte imbalance and diabetes mellitus.

Special Precautions

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Other Drug Interactions

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Other Interactions

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The dosage and duration of Spironolactone + Torsemide therapy should be as prescribed by a physician.


Spironolactone + Torsemide can be taken before or after food intake

List of Contraindications

Spironolactone + Torsemide and Pregnancy

USFDA Pregnancy category of Spironolactone + Torsemide is unknown. Avoid taking Spironolactone + Torsemide, if you are in gestation.


Spironolactone + Torsemide and Lactation

Nursing mothers should consult a physician before taking Spironolactone + Torsemide

Spironolactone + Torsemide and Children

Spironolactone + Torsemide is contraindicated in children

Spironolactone + Torsemide and Geriatic

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Spironolactone + Torsemide and Other Contraindications

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Lab interference

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