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Metaphor: Its Cognitive Force and Linguistic Structure (Clarendon Library of Logic & Philosophy)

Metaphor: Its Cognitive Force and Linguistic Structure (Clarendon Library of Logic & Philosophy)[Paperback]

Author: Eva Feder Kittay

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| ISBN-10: 0198249357 | ISBN-13: 9780198249351

This book provides a comprehensive philosophical theory explaining the cognitive contribution of metaphor. Metaphor effects a transference of meaning, not between two terms, but between two structured domains of content, or 'semantic fields'. Semantic fields, construed as necessary to a theory of word-meaning, provide the contrastive and affinitive relations that govern a term's literal use. In a metaphoric use, these relations are projected into a second domain which is thereby reordered with significant cognitive effects. The book is a detailed revision and refinement of 'the semantic theory of metaphor'. Taking into account pragmatic considerations and recent linguistic and psychological studies, the author forges a new understanding of the relation between metaphoric and literal meaning. She illustrates her thesis with analyses of metaphors found in literature, philosophy, science, and everyday language. The book is aimed primarily at linguists, literary theorists, philosophers, psychologists concerned with the nature of cognition and philosophers of science interested in metaphor and models in science.

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