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Publication Date: 2012-06-04 | ISBN-10: 1259027538 | ISBN-13: 9781259027536 | Edition: 24

This is a succinct, up-to-date, and clinically relevant reviewofhuman physiology - trusted by generations of studentsandclinicians. It features more than 600 full-color illustrations.Formore than four decades, "Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology"hasbeen helping those in the medical field understand humanandmammalian physiology. Applauded for its interesting andengaginglywritten style, "Ganong's" concisely covers everyimportant topicwithout sacrificing depth or readability anddelivers moredetailed, high-yield information per page than anyother similartext or review. Thoroughly updated to reflect thelatest researchand developments in important areas such as chronicpain,reproductive physiology, and acid-base homeostasis,"Ganong'sReview of Medical Physiology" incorporates examples fromclinicalmedicine to illustrate important physiologic concepts.Whetheryou're a student who needs an outstanding review for theUSMLE or aphysician who wants to keep pace with the ever-changingfield ofmedical physiology, "Ganong's" belongs on your desk. Thefeaturesnew to this edition are: Section introductions that provideafoundation for the topic being discussed; Two types ofreviewquestions: end-of-chapter and board-style; Increased numberofclinical cases and flow charts; and, Expanded legends to helpyoulearn more about the illustrations without having to refer backtothe text. Table Of Contents Section 1 Cellular and Molecular Basis forMedicalPhysiology 1. General Principles energy Production in MedicalPhysiology 2. Overview of Cellular Physiology in Medical Physiology 3. Immunity, Infection Inflammation 4. Excitable Tissue: Neve 83 5. Excitable Tissue: Muscle 97 6. Synaptic Junctional Transmission 7. Neurotransmitters Neuromodulators Section II Central and Peripheral Neurophysiology 8. Somatosensory neurotransmission: Touch, PainandTemperature 9. Vision 10. Hearing Equilibrium 11. Smell Taste 12. Reflex and Voluntary Control of Posture Movement 13.Autonomic Nervous System 14. Electrical

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