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A Handbook of Paediatric Anaesthesia

A Handbook of Paediatric Anaesthesia[Paperback]


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Publication Date: 1991-08-01 | ISBN-10: 0192630113 | ISBN-13: 9780192630117

Intended for anaesthetists in training, this handbook aims to provide a concise introduction to neonatal and paediatric anaesthesia, discussing guiding principles behind taking clinical decisions in this specialty. It is also designed to act as a reference for those who only deal with children occasionally. It begins by describing the anatomy and physiology of neonates and children, and goes on to outline the pharmacology and action of anaesthetics and analgesics. Medical conditions which have a bearing on the use or effect of anaesthetics are discussed, and alternative methods of management are given where appropriate. The book also includes coverage of anaesthesia for specialist surgery, day-case surgery and radiological procedures. The book concludes with details of how to transport the critically ill child and how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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