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Dr Reddy's launches Strea C10 in India

StreaTM C10 is a unique formulation of dermatological grade topical Vitamin C in the most potent and active form of L- Ascorbic acid at high concentration of 10% free from colouring agents, perfume and perspectives ensuring that active ingredient Vitamin C is delivered to skin in a precise, most stable and in purest form.
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd has launched StreaTM C10, a New Age Vitamin C, in India. StreaTM C10 uses microsphere technology.

StreaTM C10 comes in a pack of 28 single doses of Vegicaps in a unique rotating disc, easy to use one per day for 28 consecutive days. The product is easy to apply, absorbs easily into skin and non greasy.

StreaTM C10 is recommended to use as a daily skin care agent to meet the most people common skin needs. The product is ideal and it can be safely integrated as maintenance regimen with any of the cosmetic procudure in between the sittings or any other treatment that is meant for Skin Rejuvenation.



  • Fights free radicals to prevent wrinkles and age spots.
  • Promotes collagen synthesis.
  • Effective lightening agent for Melasma & hyper pigmentation conditions.
  • Minimizes treatment induced inflammation and redness.
  • Ideal adjunct to sunscreen for added protection from sunlight.













Strea C10 Use is recommended for

  • Radiance in skin.
  • Improving the texture in making the skin tone even.
  • Hyper pigmentation (dark spots) under eye application/ dark circles.
  • Added photo protection - indeal adjuvant to sunscreen.
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkle appearance.
  • Control of post procedures inflammation and redness.


Cleanse the face and apply Strea C10 evenly all over the face.
One Vegicap to be applied once or twice daily depending upon the extent of skin imperfections.

MRP: Rs. 1251/- for each disc of 28 vegicaps.
Made in Italy.


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