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Delivering the ultimate precision, toughness, and speed, the TRUE Dilatation™ Balloon enables accurate, controlled, and reliable dilatations. Engineered and specifically indicated for BAV and TAVI procedures.

Truly Tough

Fabricated from bulletproof materials, the TRUE Dilatation Balloon is highly resistant to ruptures, punctures, and tears. Rip-stop fibers prevent the catastrophic failures seen with other balloons. The TRUE Dilatation Balloon delivers the dependability you need.

Truly Precise

Fiber reinforcement precisely limits the maximum balloon diameter to the labeled size, while allowing conformance to anatomical variation. Other valvuloplasty balloons change diameter by 15 to 40% over their rated pressure range. The TRUE Dilatation Balloon redefines the category, offering diameter control within 1.5%*.

Truly Fast Inflation and Deflation

The TRUE Dilatation Balloon Catheter inflates and deflates 2 to 3 times faster than competitors’ balloons*, minimizing ischemia time.

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