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Omega-3s may calm down aggressive kids


Taking omega-3 fatty acids may be helpful to reduce aggressive behaviors in kids, a recent study suggests. Dietary consumption of these fatty acids may reduce the antisocial behavior and aggression in children.


The study enrolled 290 children who were between 11-12 years of age with history of violent behavior. The children were divided into four groups, and randomized to receive omega-3 along with multivitamins and calcium for three months. This cohort served as a therapy-only arm. The second group was assigned to receive CBT only, and the third was on supplements plus CBT while the fourth received just information and resources to reduce aggression. The blood levels of omega-3s were assessed before and after the study. Blood samples were collected before and after treatment to assess the circulatory Omega-3 levels in each participant.


When compared to therapy-only and control groups, combining omega-3s with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has reduced aggression in the children immediately after three months of nutritional intervention, said Dr. Therese Richmond, one of the study researchers.


The study has been published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

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