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Omega-3 fatty acid supplements may not combat MDD


A recent study has contradicted the popular belief and claimed omega-3 fatty acids may not be beneficial against major depressive disorders (MDD). The study results were in Cochrane Library.


According to study guide, Dr. Katherine Appleton, researcher at Bournemouth University, the UK, the present study do not have ample evidence to conclude that omega-3 fatty acids are helpful for MDD. The depressive disorder patients should be aware of the results to make more informed decisions about their treatment.


The study reviewed data from 26 randomized clinical trials that involved over 1,458 MDD patients. The beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplements were compared with a placebo. The omega-3 fatty acid supplemented treated group reported lower symptom scores than the placebo group, which is clinically and statistically insignificant or very low-quality evidence.

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