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Prenatal Omega-3 supplementation may not be useful


Taking omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy may not be helpful to infants in terms of mental health benefits, according to recent study published in JAMA.


The present study was guided by Dr. Maria Makrides, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Australia. The researchers have observed over 300 pregnant mothers who were on omega-3 supplements during pregnancy (800 mg/day). The omega-3 treated women underwent a series of mental health tests, and the results were compared with non-treated women. The participants’ off-springs were followed-up over four years.


At the age of four, children born to omega-3 treated mothers showed no significant brain benefits including memory, language skills, reasoning and problem-solving.


According to Dr. Anthony Vintzileos, Chairman, O&G, Winthrop University, the study design was randomized with long-term follow-up of participants. The results were credible. However, the cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids including reduction of atherosclerosis risks, cardiac-related mortalities, non-fatal stroke and non-fatal MI should be noted.

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