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P - Used with Caution
L - Used with Caution

It is a well tolerated & effective non barbiturate sleep promoting agent conspicuously free from tendency to cause 'hang over' and other side effects.


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Triclofos Indications / Triclofos Uses

In Insomnia, requiring a mild, non-barbiturate, sleep-promoting agent. In paediatrics e.g.teething and fretfulness, recurrent colic with persistent crying, excitability and restlessness, difficult feeding, convulsions, etc.

Triclofos Adverse Reactions / Triclofos Side Effects

Mild headache or G.I disturbance. Skin rash, usually scarlatinifor or morbiliform.


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Special Precautions

Concurrent use of monoamine oxidose inhibitors, or C.N.S depressants such as alcohol, barbiturates or other sedatives. Triclofos can give false positive result in sugar tests of urine sample. Do not drive or operate heavy machiner.

Other Drug Interactions

Potentiates the CNS depressants like sedative, barbiturates.

Other Interactions

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Adult: 1 gm (10ml) 30 mins before retiring.

Children: 250mg-500mg (2.5ml-5ml) 30mins before retiring.



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List of Contraindications

Triclofos and Pregnancy

Use with caution

Triclofos and Lactation

Use with caution

Triclofos and Children


Triclofos and Geriatic

Reduced dose may be necessary

Triclofos and Other Contraindications

Marked hepatic or renal impairment or cardiac disease


Information Not Available

Lab interference

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Triclofos brands in India:

Foskid Jeditrin Nucloryl Pedicloryl Tricloryl

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