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P - Cautioned while taken during pregnancy
L - Cautioned while taken during lactation

Amrinone (INN) or inamrinone (USAN, changed in 2000 to prevent confusion with amiodarone, trade name Inocor, is a type 3 pyridine phosphodiesterase inhibitor.



Amrinone is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor which has vasodilating and positive inotropic properties. It causes an increase in cyclic adenosine monophosphate conc leading to greater contractile force in cardiac muscle.
Distribution: 10-22% bound to plasma proteins. Half-life after IV admin: 4-6 hr.
Metabolism: Partially metabolised in liver.
Excretion: 40% excreted unchanged.

Amrinone Indications / Amrinone Uses

In heart failure

Amrinone Adverse Reactions / Amrinone Side Effects

GI disturbances, nausea, vomiting, thrombocytopaenia, hypotension, chest pain, hypersensitivity, myositis, vasculitis, nail discoloration, Inj site pain, decreased tear production.
Potentially Fatal: Cardiac arrhythmia, hepatotoxicity.


May increase myocardial ischemia. Blood pressure, pulse, and EKG should be constantly monitored. Amrinone should only be diluted with normal saline or 1/2 normal saline; no dextrose solutions should be used. Furosemide should not be administered into an IV line delivering Amrinone.

Special Precautions

Obstructive pulmonary or aortic disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; BP and heart rate monitored during drug administration; fluid and electrolyte balance should be maintained; platelet counts and liver function should be monitored; protect amp from light. Pregnancy and lactation.

Other Drug Interactions

Chemical interaction with precipitation occurs with amrinone and dextrose or furosemide. Thus drug mixing should be avoided.
Potentially Fatal: Concurrent usage with disopyramide may lead to severe hypotension.

Other Interactions

Information Not Available


Heart failure
Adult: Loading dose: 750 mcg/kg by slow inj over 2-3 min (may be repeated after 30 minutes if necessary). Maintenance: 5-10 mcg/kg/min by infusion. Max cumulative dose: 10 mg/kg in 24 hr.
Incompatibility: Incompatible with glucose-containing solutions and furosemide.


Information Not Available

List of Contraindications

Amrinone and Pregnancy

Caution when used during pregnancy

Amrinone and Lactation

Caution when used during lactation

Amrinone and Children

Information Not Available

Amrinone and Geriatic

Information Not Available

Amrinone and Other Contraindications



Intravenous: Store at 15-30°C

Lab interference

Intravenous: Store at 15-30°C

Amrinone brands in India:

Amicor Amrisol Cardiotone

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