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Cinnarizine + Domperidone information from DrugsUpdate  

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P - Caution when used during pregnancy
L - Caution when used during lactation
FI - Food *

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Cinnarizine has Ca channel blocking activity selective for arterial smooth muscles. It has some antihistamine activity. Cinnarizine acts as a labyrinthine sedative. It also improves microcirculation by reducing ischaemia-induced blood viscosity. Domperidone is a peripheral dopamine-receptor blocker. It increases both the oesophageal peristalsis and the lower oesophageal sphincter pressure. It also increases gastric motility and peristalsis, and enhances gastroduodenal coordination, thus facilitating gastric emptying and decreasing small bowel transit time.

Cinnarizine + Domperidone Indications / Cinnarizine + Domperidone Uses

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Cinnarizine + Domperidone Adverse Reactions / Cinnarizine + Domperidone Side Effects

Extrapyramidal symptoms sometimes associated with severe depression. Drowsiness, headache, GI upsets, unsteadiness, headache; rarely skin and hypersensitivity reactions, dry mouth, thickened resp depression, blurred vision, urinary difficulty or retention, constipation and increased gastric reflux, fatigue. Hypolipidaemic effect, extrapyramidal reactions, galactorrhoea, gynaecomastia; lassitude, decreased libido, skin rash, itch.

Potentially Fatal: Convulsions, arrhythmias and cardiac arrest, dysrrhythmias in patients with CVS disease or hypokalaemia, patients on cancer chemotherapy. Seizures, hypertensive crisis in patients with phaeochromocytoma.


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Special Precautions

Hypotension. May impair ability to drive or operate machinery. Pheochromocytoma; renal or hepatic impairment; risk of cardiac arrhythmias and hypokalaemia if administered IV. Pregnancy, lactation; elderly.

Other Drug Interactions

CNS depressant effect of cinnarizine is enhanced with alcohol. Domperidone reduces absorption of oral digoxin. It increases absorption of aspirin, paracetamol and oral diazepam. Enhances CNS depression by phenothiazine. Antimuscarinic agents and opioids antagonise GI effects. Prolongs suxamethonium-induced neuromuscular blockade.

Other Interactions

Food Interactions
Delayed absorption but higher bioavailability due to reduced first-pass metabolism in gut wall


Motion sickness
Adult: Each tablet contains cinnarizine 20 mg and domperidone 15 mg: 1 tablet taken 1-2 hours before travel and 1 tablet every 6 hours during journey if necessary.


Information Not Available

List of Contraindications

Cinnarizine + Domperidone and Pregnancy

Caution when used during pregnancy

Cinnarizine + Domperidone and Lactation

Caution when used during lactation

Cinnarizine + Domperidone and Children

Information Not Available

Cinnarizine + Domperidone and Geriatic

Information Not Available

Cinnarizine + Domperidone and Other Contraindications

Hypersensitivity. Parkinson's disease. GI haemorrhage, obstruction and perforation, patients with prolactin releasing pituitary hormone or chronic admin or for prophylaxis of postoperative nausea and vomiting. Neonates, children.


Information Not Available

Lab interference

Information Not Available

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