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Lycopene, an antioxidant, is indicated for the treatment and prevention of cancer, cataract, asthma, HPV infection, atherosclerosis, CVD and prostate cancer. Lycopene is a good anti-inflammatory agent and anti-oxidant.


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Lycopene Indications / Lycopene Uses

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Lycopene Adverse Reactions / Lycopene Side Effects

In recommended doses, Lycopene is likely safe. No serious adverse events reported


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Special Precautions

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Other Drug Interactions

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Other Interactions

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As a pure compound, consider administration of 13-75 mg/day, orally.
For treatment of prostate cancer
Administer 15 mg, twice daily, PO
For treatment of oral leucoplakia (Adults)
Consider administration of 4-8 mg/day, PO
For prevention of exercise-induced asthma (Adults):
Consider administration of 30 mg/day, PO


Lycopene can be taken before or after food intake

List of Contraindications

Lycopene and Pregnancy

Not classified under USFDA Pregnancy Category. Pregnant women should consult a physician before taking Lycopene.

Lycopene and Lactation

Nursing mothers should consult a physician before taking Lycopene

Lycopene and Children

Lycopene should not be used in children unless prescribed by a pediatrician

Lycopene and Geriatic

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Lycopene and Other Contraindications

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Lab interference

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