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Calcium Orotate is indicated for the treatment of hypocalcemia, osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism, osteomalacia or rickets and tetany in adults. Calcium Orotate is particularly indicated for individuals who are unable to get enough dietary calcium. Calcium Orotate may be prescribed for pregnant women, lactating mothers and postmenopausal women with hypocalcemia. Calcium Orotate is also prescribed for individuals who are on phenytoin, prednisone and phenobarbital therapy.


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Calcium Orotate Indications / Calcium Orotate Uses

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Calcium Orotate Adverse Reactions / Calcium Orotate Side Effects

Calcium Orotate can cause GI upset, constipation, myalgia, unusual weight loss, polydipsia, headache, mood changes, vomiting or nausea, anorexia, headache and frequent micturition. Calcium Orotate may cause serious anaphylactic reactions in certain individuals with symptoms of facial edema, dizziness, troubled breathing, itching, rashes and chest tightness.


Calcium Orotate is contraindicated in certain individuals with allergy to inactive ingredients and hypercalcemia. Caution should be exercised before prescribing Calcium Orotate to patients with phenylketonuria, renal disorders, renal lithiasis, achlorhydria, malabsorption syndrome and sarcoidosis.

Special Precautions

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Other Drug Interactions

Calcium Orotate may interact with digoxin, phosphate binders including calcium acetate, cellulose sodium phosphate, tetracycline antibiotics, estramustine, levothyroxine, quinolones and bisphosphonates.

Other Interactions

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The dosage and duration of Calcium Orotate treatment should be as prescribed by a physician.


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List of Contraindications

Calcium Orotate and Pregnancy

USFDA Pregnancy Category is unknown. Pregnant women should consult a physician before taking Calcium Orotate.

Calcium Orotate and Lactation

Nursing mothers should consult a physician before using Calcium Orotate

Calcium Orotate and Children

Calcium Orotate should not be used in children unless prescribed by a pediatrician

Calcium Orotate and Geriatic

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Calcium Orotate and Other Contraindications

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Lab interference

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