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Orahex Oral Rinse from AHPL

[Chlorhexidine ]


Orahex Oral Rinse 0.2%




Orahex Oral Rinse M-WASH



Orahex Oral Rinse from AHPL contains Chlorhexidine

Below are some of the details of Chlorhexidine (generic)

Chlorhexidine is a chemical antiseptic. It kills (is bactericidal to) both gram-positive and gram-negative microbes, although it is less effective with some gram-negative microbes. It is also bacteriostatic.

The mechanism of action is membrane disruption, and not ATPase inactivation as previously thought. It also shows activity with enveloped viruses, though this has not been extensively investigated.Products containing chlorhexidine in high concentrations must be kept away from eyes and the ears, due to the risk of damage to those organs. However, chlorhexidine is safely used in very low concentrations in some contact lens solutions.

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